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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Prayer Cup Spell

Prayer cups are rarely used these days, but they produce powerful magic. First, you’ll need a tea or coffee cup and saucer. Wash and bless your cup and saucer according to your spiritual path. Speak words of power over them according to your spell as you hold the cup in both hands. Next, sprinkle herbs in your cup suitable to your wishes. Raise the cup and present it to each direction, plus Heaven and Earth. Cover the cup with the saucer; set them aside and let the spell do its work. When the spell physically manifests your desire, sprinkle the herbs around your magic circle or outdoors. Then wash your cup and saucer. End by rubbing the inside of your cup with a drop of olive oil to show your thanks. Now your prayer cup is ready for your next spell.

James Kambos


Lisa said...

I like spells you can do at a moments notice. Ones that dont need a list of items just to begin. Thanks for sharing this one. Definately will be using it.