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Friday, July 31, 2009

Yard sale finds!

I found this at a yard sale yesterday. It was only $ 50.00! Can you believe it? Don't worry Domestic Witch if I ever get rid of it you have dibs. I told my husband I would have the kitchen from Practical Magic even if I have to buy it piece by piece. This is currently in my bedroom until my perfect house is ready for me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have starting walking for an hour every other day after my huband gets home from work. It is a nice walk and it gives me some time to myself so I can think and just get healthy. I feel the need to get back into shape again , and it won't happen if I stay on the couch all night. So I walk from my house to the water, not sure of the mileage( i will figure it out tonight. Now if I could only stop the hand to mouth stuff.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


A few weeks ago my sons friend spent the night and they had way too much energy, so we sent them outside with some boxing gear. They loved it. Ash didn't wear headgear I wasn't happy about it, but he is trained in mixed martial arts. That being said I think it was wise to give victor a helmet just in case, lol.

Ashton(All business)



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cinnamon Roll Suprise

I made these cinnamon rolls this morning for breakfast, Ash loved em!!!!
1. package refridgerator cinnamon rolls
8. Hershey's Kisses

You put the hershey kiss in the center of the cinnamon rolls then pinch the dough around it. You then flip the pinched side down on the cookie sheet and bake according to the pachage directions, and enjoy.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Spirit Guides and Guradian Angels

For those of you that know me I am very in tune with my spirit guides. I have some kind of contact with them daily. They are a very comforting presence in my life. I also beleive in angelic helpers as well. Here is an intersting article I found on them. I will delve more deeply into this subject in the coming months. I am planning on doing an educational activity about this for Pagan Center, an awesome online community I belong to. www.pagancenter.com

"What are Spirit Guides?"

These are entities that are known by many names, Spirit Guides, Guides, Helpers or Spirit Helpers, Angels and Guardian Angels. They are all of these things. I have heard them called "controls" or "spirit controls". I do NOT like these names as they do not in any way try to control you. These names are usually used by phoney "mediums" or phoney "psychics" who are trying to bilk some innocent sucker out of their money.

No, they will not make your decisions for you. They feel that this is your life and that you must live in it. They will offer their opinions and advice if you ask for it, but they will NOT tell you what to do. It is your life and you must decide how to live it.

So what are they and where do they come from?

Well, they are souls or spirits that have lived many lifetimes and have gained much wisdom. They are there to help and assist you and are your friends, in fact they are the best friends that you have. They do truly love you and would NEVER do anything to harm you in any way. And even though you may not consciously know it at this time, you already know them. You picked them to help you before you were born and they agreed to be your helpers.

Now what is the difference between an angel and a Spirit Guide? Well, in the Judeao-Christian concept an angel is a spirit that has never lived a human life, rather acts as a messenger or worker of the Divine. Spirit Guides have lived many lifetimes and by doing so have gained much wisdom. And guess what? They often act as messengers or workers of the Divine. Percentage-wise, there are very few angels that have not lived physical lives.


Blogger skins

Any suggestions on where I can get new backgrounds for my blog this one has some defects.


Just thought this was cute.

Looking back

I can't beleive she is going to be a year old in 4 months. I wanna cry, it goes by too fast. And my son is going to be 13 this year


Daddy Time

So I went to the movies on Friday with my friend moon. I must admit it is mostly so my husband can spend some alone time with our baby. I want her to feel comfortable with both of us, and of course because I stay home she favors me. This is something I love I will admit it, but it is a disservice to her to let it keep up. I want her to be able to fall asleep in daddy's arms too, otherwise I will never be able to go anywhere without her. Which isn't healthy for either one of us, even though I love her so much I wouldn't mind taking her everywhere. She is oo cute. Truth be told she has a preference for Bog Brother.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A summer picnic by the water

As some of you know I live very close to the water, I am pretty sure I always will. Anyways, I decided to suprise my son Ashton with a picnic by the water on the boardwalk. He was whining the whole walk there he always complains about exercising,lol. He was excited as soon as he saw the picnic food though. It was a nice day. I apologize some of my pics are dark. I had to use my camera phone.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Anne Baird July 1st, 2009

Abundance is the perfect theme for July! Gardens are flourishing. And those of us who are lucky enough to have one, are deeply engaged in their tending and keeping.

In her garden, a woman can be a goddess! Whether she has a few miniature pots of herbs on her kitchen windowsill, a patio pot garden, or a BIG garden, blessed with trees, bushes and lawns to be mowed, she is the Goddess of Abundance. That’s why I chose a garden image to illustrate Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s “Face of Abundance” from his inspirational book, The Seven Faces of Intention.

This book was important to me. I kept it by my bedside for a long time, and was even lucky enough to attend one of his incredible lectures in my hometown of Vancouver, B.C., last year. The Seven Faces of Intention is now the latest set of cards in my Goddess Card collection. It was created with Dr. Dyer’s permission and encouragement.

Notice that, in the image, the woman isn’t loafing around waiting for a cornucopia of goodies to fall upon her. She believes in the loving provision of an abundant Universe. She has a vision of the garden she wants. But she also works for it.

Out come her packets of seeds, her bags of dirt, her seedlings, tools and garden gloves.

Out comes her watering can or hose. It’s dirty work, but she loves it. Because the end result of her soul-ful labor is Beauty and Abundance.

She may well pray as she plants her seeds and seedlings, and cares for them. Gardening, for me, is prayer. It’s faith that, so long as you do your part, the soil will flourish and bear fruit.

Do you yearn for abundance? First, believe that it’s possible. Believe that the Universe is abundant beyond imagination. That Spirit wants to provide what you need. Tap into that, and work with it. After all, the first job God ever gave Man (and Woman) was to care for the Garden!

Of course, gardening isn’t the only source of abundance, though it’s one of the loveliest I know. Do you prefer to create abundance in other ways? Fine. Not everyone was born to the shovel. But whatever your garden is, cultivate it. Do the dreaming. Do the work.

Dr. Dyer urges us to have “an abundance mentality.” He is the poster boy of the abundant dreamer. He wasn’t always rich and famous. He grew up under very difficult circumstances, and soon learned how to fend for himself. During times of economic slump, he worked several jobs at once. He never stopped believing that he, in cooperation with Spirit, would create limitless abundance for himself, his family, and those he sought to reach. And he did.

Today, we too face challenging times. If we are to weather the storms that are currently shaking the world, we must adopt an abundance mentality, and an abundance work ethic to back it up.

With a mindset like that, how can we fail?
Compliments of July 2009 paganpages.org


Here is a new garden pic...lookin good if I do say so myself. As you can tell my piggy enjoys it too!

My First baby

Speaking of my thoughtful guy. He is goin to be 13 this year December 24th. I wanna do a big party, time to call the ya ya's


I finally am able to post these pics. This is my sons Mothers Day gift to me. His entire class collected their favorite recipes that mom makes and compiled a cookbook. Can you believe Ashton apologized because he couldn't afford to buy me a gift. I always tell him sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are homemade and have thought put into them. This will be one of my most cherished gifts...That and the candleholders he makes for my altar every year for the different seasons.