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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The leg wound that never heals

I had my cancer surgery on the 21st of October, the incision got so infected the stitches popped and now I am left with this...a wound that will not heal. Fun Huh?

Posted by a good friend Merlyn on his blog. What are your thoughts. I personally live it.

What exactly is practicing witchcraft? I hear this said all of the time and it drives my nuts...I put it right up there with practicing medicine...if you have to practice something that means that you are not getting it right! Thus the saying "practice makes perfect".

I say let those who are not sure of their spells practice, or those who are not quite sure how to do a ritual practice! Practice is great if you don't have it right to begin with thus you keep doing it until you get it right. If you are not sure of what you are doing how in the heck is your working going to manifest...if it's born in doubt it wont manifest.

Here is something that was said to me as a child " If you are a practicing witch you aren't ready to do magick, you are not ready to lead a coven you are only learning " Live the craft don't practice it.

Way to many witches practicing and too few living the craft if you ask me! Be a witch, be in charge of your own destiny...bend the universe to your will and stop practicing the craft and start to live it. If you live it devoutly everyday you will understand all that I have just said. The world will be bent to your will, your magick will work and you will lose all doubt!

The first thing to know is that witches do not hold power we are given it by the Goddess to bend to our will. Real witches do not hold power we are given it as we require it! I hear people talk all of the time about their powers...you noticed I used the word "people" and not witch! There is a difference if you have to wonder what it is perhaps your path should be re thought!

We witches only have what the Goddess will allow us to have when we require it..she holds all of the power not us. This post was inspired by listening to a few young pagan girls today at work who's only powers was the power of delusion..I guess they thought I was just a little old man..I didn't change their perception of me..I feel that they was all powerful alright..I sure am glad that they are only practicing instead of living the path.