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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is your desire? Ancient spells for luck, love, or fortune? Placing a curse on your enemy? Bringing back a lost love? Hexing your foe? Oh, the possibilities!

The most popular sterotype of using a Voodoo doll involves sticking pins into it. But did you know that there are different emotions and feelings attatched to the color of pins that can be used? Here's how to use the seven pins with a Voodoo doll. This tutorial is consistent with New Orleans Voodoo.
1Take each pin and concentrate on the color symbolism. Each color has a different meaning:

Red | Power
Yellow | Money
Green | Tranquility
Blue | Love
Purple | Spirituality
Black | Pain/Relief/Healing/ Repelling negativity
White | Positive Energy/ Good Karma
Pink = Death

Meditate upon how you want these things to manifest in your life. For example, with your yellow pin, focus on what success you desire.

After you are very clear about this, stick the pin into your doll in the heart or stomach region. This area will support your heart's desire and your gut feelings or intuition. You can also stick your pins into the head for knowledge

Repeat this process for each pin.

Wait and trust in your personal power that the Universe will help you make your intentions manifest. Demand that it happen by a certain date.