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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Mask


Staring into the darkness
I want to lose control.
Shall I fall into the abyss
It is where I want to go.

I want to peel back the layers
That make the whole of me.
Dare I remove this mask?
Shall I let you see?
The depths of all my hate.
The darkness in my soul.
The smile I wear is fake
The other side cannot be shown.

The pain offers shelter.
From this path I will not falter.
I will never let you see
What makes the whole of me.

I will never let you feel
The pain I hold inside.
I cannot let you steal
The only place to hide.

I stare into the darkness
And slowly lose control.
I fall into the abyss
This is where I chose to go.

For no apologies or acceptance do I ask
I stand firm behind my mask.


Dirgesinger said...

I absolutely love this poem!

Raven_Nightwind said...

Thank you so much. I rarely post my work.