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Sunday, April 18, 2010



A Malaysian charm designed to bring sickness and ill health
to a victim calls for 1/2 lb. of melted wax, and a bit of
hair or a piece of clothing belonging to an enemy. If
clothing is used, cut or tear it into tiny pieces. Mold the
wax and cloth, or hair, into an image of the person to whom
malice is intended. After the doll is ready, take a coffin
nail and prick it over and over, repeating several times,
"it is the heart that I prick, it is the liver that I prick,
it is the spleen that I prick, it is the brain that I
prick." The ritual is repeated each evening for three
evenings in a row. After that time, wait nine days. If the
victim is still well, the magician must try a different
spell for the victim has been protected by counter-magic or
some protective witchcraft.

A modern spell to cause an enemy to go mad is done with a
voodoo doll, a coffin nail, some Black Arts Oil, and fire.
The doll should be carefully labeled with the foe's name. On
the first evening of a full moon, place a coffin nail in a
bottle of Black Arts Oil or pour some oil in any small
container and place the nail in it so that it is fully
covered and can soak well. Leave the nail for nine nights,
and on the tenth night, pound the nail into the doll's head.
It is alleged that, before the next full moon's coming, the
victim will be cursed with severe headaches, faulty memory,
and deep depression.

If you wish to cause an enemy to move away from you, an
almost unfailing ritual can be performed with nine coffin
nails, some graveyard dirt, and crossing powder mixed with
get away powder. Just mix together the dirt and the two
powders so that it is thoroughly blended. The proportions
are not important, but about one third of each ingredient is
best. Divide the potion into nine approximately equal
portions and place each portion into a small envelope with
one of the coffin nails. Each evening go to the enemy's home
and throw the contents of one envelope in the path where the
foe must walk to enter or leave the home. Do this each
evening for nine consecutive nights, and it is probable that
by the tenth day this enemy will be moving from the

Another modern spell which is designed to bring tragedy to
an enemy is made with a piece of wearing apparel from the
intended victim. Take the clothing and cut it up into as
many pieces as you wish, or can get from the material, or
squares about 6" on all sides. Use one square each night.
Write the foe's name on a piece of parchment backwards and
state your curse on the other side of the paper. The curse
can be said in your own way, or it can just be something
simple like, "___(name)___ is cursed, ___(name)___ is damned
forevermore." The writing should be done with Dragon's Blood
Ink to which a drop of Black Arts Oil and a pinch of
valerian has been added. Then, fold the square up, turning
the folds away from you, never toward yourself. Take the
folded piece of clothing, with the curse inside and nail it
on your enemy's front door, using a coffin nail. Do this
each night until your mission has been accomplished.

© 1976 anna riva