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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sexual Attraction Spell

Sexual Attraction Spell
Kala Trobe

To increase sexual attraction, cast this spell when the Moon is waxing, and during the season at or near Beltane or the start of Lammas.

To begin, girdle your thigh with a green garter. Become an Aphrodite(entranced by thoughts of love) as you place this erotic symbol about your limb, and light a pink or green candle in honor of the beauteous goddess, saying:

"Venus, Astarte, Inanna, Ishtar, may your power be compounded in this garter I wear."

Imagine the ancient impetus to merge and procreate summarized on your thigh, spreading its irresistible aura about your person. Now say:

"Let only those I choose perceive this charm."

After all, you do not want every Tom, Dick and Harriet harassing you.

Concentrate until you feel your allure. Establish your magnetism with a confident smile.