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Thursday, July 8, 2010


While watching Wendy Williams today they showed a clip of kids looking at cartoon pics of kids of different colors. A three year old white girl picked a white blond gilr as nice cause she looked like her. She picked the black girl as ugly and mean because she was dark. In defense of this girl she really hasnt been around people of color, the girls mom was in tears. Remember people teach our little ones young that the color of ones skin doesn't mean anything and that we are all beautiful. When a girl of color was asked the same questions she said does it really matter? to all of them, how wonderful is that? My kids don't even notice color they look at the persons soul and my son has always seen auras. And to those people out there who are racist I feel sorry for you. I know personally if I hear the "N" word I go off it don't matter if you are a 250 linebacker I will kick your ass, or go down trying. I have black family members and it is plain to see I am not nessacarily caucasion. I grew up being called N**ger girl, spic wetback, you name it. It is hard to be judged because of the color of your skin. Lets all make an effort to be better than that. I love you all