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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flavored water

My 16 month old loves flavored water, the only problem is they are filled with artificial sweeteners. I have no problem drinking them for myself ( I hate regular water), but I cannot have her drinking them. The solution making my own, and here is how I did it.
I took a large mason jar cut an orange in half and squeezed it into the jar. I then sliced the orange and put it into the jar. I added ice and a touch of sugar(optional) then filled the jar with water capped it shook and put in fridge for a while. When it came time to serve I put half of the mixture in a cup and put water in to fill it up the rest of the way. Trinity LOVES IT. There ya go, my simple act of kindness for the day was to my baby. By the way strawberries work too.


Anonymous said...

yummmmmmmm. It's also really yummy with cucumbers. I know that sounds weird....but sheeeit, it's good : )

Luna said...

that is an awesome idea if you dont like the taste of water... :)