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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blood offerings part 1

blood offering To heal someone

1 tea light
Stone that fits in palm of hand
sharp iron nail
gris gris bag

Using the nail score an x shape onto the tea light and say "Illnes is scored out, all sickness is brought to rot."

Light the candle and then make a gris gris bag, by folding fabric in half and sewing the sides leaving the top open.

Pick up the stone and visualise the sick person lying there as you pass the stone back and forth over the entire body especially the affected area. "The waning moon shall shrink to bone and take with her whats in this stone"
Cut yourself and drip blood over the stone and lit candle and say " by the blood of my body, my will be done, gods accept this offering of part of myself to make (persons name here) whole. So mote it be."

Sew the stone up in the pouch, When u see the person again I will give it to him to throw in the river and the spell will be complete.


Anonymous said...

Powerful and beautiful.

Sugar Whiting said...

Thank you for sharing that!