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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On the 13 day of Halloween

I wanted to share a wonderful poem I use as part of my Samhain ritual. It is soooo beautiful it makes me cry everytime I read or recite it. So here it is and as always dedicated to all of my loved ones who have passed.

Upon Each Samhain

I miss you most upon each Samhain
When the boundary turns to sheer
I wait until the veil is parted
At the ending of the year.
Sweet spirit, as you walk among us
At the tolling of this eve
I see your face beyond the sunset
And hear your voice upon the breeze.
In the glowing of the candle,
From the shadow on the wall
I watch for you in every movement
And hear your footsteps in the hall.
Can you sit and spend the evening
As the portal opens wide?
Ancestral dead, I bid you welcome
Most recent dead, I pray, abide.
When you come I sense your presence
I put my hand out in the air
A moment, then, we stand united
Palm to palm while waiting there.
I miss you most upon each Samhain
When the boundary turns to sheer
We share these hours until the dawning
Then bid farewell until next year.

Author:1988 David O. Norris



SpiritPhoenix said...

Great poem! I may have to borrow this if you don't mind. (Rose)

kim said...

My solitary Samhain ritual, last year, was for my puppy that passed a month before.

I had to skim the poem fast ,because I was tearing up. This would have been perfect then, and great one going forward.

Thanks for sharing.