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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A new study

A study has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on her menstrual cycle. For example: If she is ovulating she is attracted to men with masculine and rugged features.

However if she is menstruating or menopausal she tends to be more attracted to a man with duct tape over his mouth and a spear lodged in his chest while he is on fire.. No further studies are expected on this subject...

Monday, September 5, 2011

MILK SHAKES and MORTARS Confessions of an Army wife

Sunday, September 4, 2011

So we travel to Missouri (Misery) this week to see my huband Robert who has just finished his basic combat training! He looks great in the uniform....pics soon I promise! While he tells me about the intense NIC at night training( trust me not as fun as it sounds lol.) My husband enjoys the first milkshake in 9 weeks! Apparently crawling on your belly for 300 yards plus while being shot at and mortars being lit up is quite stressful indeed. I can still se the nights events in his eyes, lucky empath that I am. We were hopeful for a 48 hour leave which was more than earned and not given, but we spent time together on base. At the water park I watch him play with our daughter smiling, truly happy for a moment in time. Until yet again the thoughts of being away from her set in, and the man that stands before me is yet again a boy crying for things that are not possible anymore. A daughter he cannot see whenever he wants or needs to. A wife, friend, and love quite possibly beyond all remedy, because he recites as the army has taught him...My last name goes to the right of my chest, and the army patch over his left, because they teach your wife can keep your name but the ARMY has your heart. He cries as he says they did not issue me my children nor my wife. I am a beast I do not think, I do not talk, I breathe, I eat, I get dressed, I kill because that is what I am trained to be...a beast and not a man.

Theres no place like home...Theres no place like home

Well, we finally arrived at our house. Trinity and I are glad to be back home, it is a bitter sweet moment

Sunday, September 4, 2011