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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Astral travel

Per a discussion yesterday When I send energy to someone I usually appear to them in their dreams. Not sure why it happens, sometimes it just does. I am aware when it happens and usually have controll over the events that occur, but not always. so here is a little on astral travel

So what is "Astral Travel" and why are we making such a big issue about it? Well, quite simple, it's very important that you learn how to do this consciously because the majority of you are doing this without knowing it at night. Every night when you are asleep; the majority of individuals, unconsciously leave their actual physical body and travel throughout the night to far-off places. As the majority of people are unaware of this very natural process - religious beliefs or otherwise - we immediately wake up and think it's all just been a dream or nightmare; depending on your nights travels.
Your physical body is not the real you, it's just a shell used to enable the real you to be on this planet; to learn the lessons you came down here to learn. If you study how to “consciously” astral travel you will be able to see the “real world” and life for what it really is; things are definitely not as they appear whilst within the physical. Many true aspects of life cannot be understood or appreciated until you are “outside” of the physical.
On "such-and-such a day" I am going to travel in the astral world, and I am going to remain fully aware of all that which I do, and be fully aware of all that which I see. I shall remember all this and recall it fully when I am again in my body. I shall do this without fail

"such-and-such a day" should be a date, say three to six month's into the future; you decide. The prayer should be repeated just before you sleep and repeated three times. Sit with bare feet together with toes and heels touching, then clasp your hands together so that your fingers of each hand interlock, and so that your hands and feet each form a sort of closed circle. Then call your subconscious by name and then say your prayer, repeating it three times in your normal voice, don't whisper and there is no need to shout. Then one day you will find yourself consciously astral traveling and you will return back to your physical remembering everything.

There is no secret in astral travel; it just needs confidence. It just needs the firm knowledge that you are going to do astral travel while you are fully awake. And the best way to start about it is not to imagine that you are out of the body, but to visualise that you "are" out of your body. This word "imagination" is badly misused, whereas it would be better to say "visualise". So, visualise yourself leaving your physical body, visualise yourself gradually inching out and floating inches above the recumbent physical body. Actually visualise yourself doing it, actually form the strong thoughts that you are doing it, and sooner or later you will do it. You will find, with the greatest amazement, that you are floating there looking down upon a padded, whitish-green or what ever coloured fleshy body. Probably it will have its mouth open, probably it will be snoring away because when you are out of the physical it doesn't matter at all if your body goes to sleep. Because if you get out while the body is awake, you will remember the whole experience.

Remember never to panic even if you do get a few swaying sensations trying because you CANNOT BE HURT and you can ALWAYS get back into the physical once out. When you have finally got out of the physical, rest awhile. Just keep still, you don't need to feel panic nor triumph, just rest peaceably for a few moments. Then - if you think you can stand the shock - and depending on what sort of a body you've got; gaze down on the thing you've just left. It looks all lopsided, it looks lumpy and heavy, it looks an untidy mess. Well, aren't you glad to get away from it for the time being?

Some people have dreams. Now frequently the dreams are rationalizations of what actually happened. The person is a doubter to start with and just would not believe the possibility of astral travel, and so as a solution to what would be a difficult problem the subconscious of the doubter cooks up a fantastic image or dream which truly is stranger than anything that could happen in real life. Dreams, then, are either the rationalization of an astral experience or the mindless wandering thoughts of a body of which the soul or astral form is far, far away - so far that no check is being kept on the mental processes of the sleeping form.


Nesca said...

I also have "flying" dreams, i was having them since i was little girl,i really believed i could fly and control the speed and direction. My flying dreams became rare but if they happen now they are freaking real ! i go through the objects, trees ,far and fast and then i am pulled back the same way. I love it, so refreshing...