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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wishing Herbs

I just wanted to post this because I found it interesting, I do not agree with everything stated in this article.

When it comes to wishes, the best advice is to be careful what you wish
for--you just might get it! While there are numerous spells designed
specifically to carry your wish into the universe and to the powers that
can make it
come true, using herbs as well as the four elements in your spell can
help to
ensure its success.

It is common knowledge that herbs possess many properties-- including
numerous magical powers. Herbs add their energy to the spell, which in
turn adds an
extra dimension of power. While many people believe that using a
herb is the only way to make a spell come true, today we know that
it is not always possible to get enough of one particular herb,
especially if
it is hard to find. A mix of herbs can work, too.

If you choose to use a mixture of herbs, be sure that none of the herbs
the mixture will counteract your wish. Vervain is a good herb to use in
almost all wish spells, because its properties are very general as well
protective. Cinnamon, however, would not be a good choice if your wish
is to
release your power. It would counteract the wish and instead grant

You also need to make sure you use the correct ink. For example, Dove's
Blood Ink is the common ink used in wishing spells. However, if your
wish is
destructive in nature, you would use Dragon's Blood Ink instead. A word
caution here is that whatever you wish onto another will come back to you
sevenfold, so, again, be careful what you wish for.

When you need a special wish granted, write the wish out in Dove's Blood
on parchment paper. Make three folds in the paper and place it in a red
flannel bag. Then fill the bag with dandelion petals, sew it closed with
thread, and wear it around your neck for three days. Although this spell
not recommended for acquiring money or property, it is quite effective
used in situations when you are in danger of losing or having it taken
from you
by outside influences.

You can also write your wish on a piece of parchment paper using Dove's
Blood Ink. While the ink is still fresh sprinkle on some peony petals.
Roll the
paper up, and seal it with melted red wax from a candle. Hide the
in your home, making sure to change the hiding place every third day.
the spell as you remove and hide the bag. After your wish has been
destroy the token by burning it.

Here is a common spell that can be chanted three times in succession as
perform your ritual. You may adapt it to suit your specific needs. For
example, you can replace the word "wish" with your specific request.

Powers that be grant me a wish today,
Large, small, tiny, or huge.
Let my wish grow here, there, and everywhere,
North, south, east, and west.
Carry my wish through your quarter to the powers that be,
Grant me this wish so that we may rejoice together.
So mote it be.

Here are some popular herbs used in wishing spells.

BASIL is an easy herb to obtain or grow yourself. If your wish is to be
protected from negativity or to be cleansed, then basil is the herb to

BAY LAUREL, commonly known as bay leaf, is used in success and prestige
wishes. Although this is a tender perennial, it does grow well indoors
in a pot.

CALENDULA LEAVES and dried flowers placed under the bed are said to make
one's dreams come true. This is an easy flower to grow. It adds extra
punch to
your herb garden with its bright orange, yellow, and pink petals.

CINNAMON is the spice of choice for wishes dealing with power.

HYSSOP is effective when used in wishing spells for spiritual calmness.

JOB'S TEARS, sewn inside your pillow, are said to make a wish come true
within seven days.

MUSTARD SEED has always had special properties. To make a wishing bag of
your own for a particular objective, place into a drawstring pouch one
foot, five new nails, nine mustard seeds, and thirteen pennies. Anoint
bag with Mojo Oil and then rub the bag between your palms as you make

PARSLEY is best used in wishing spells by women. Parsley is effective
wishes involving calming an atmosphere or protecting a specific place.

PEPPERMINT is best used for money and prosperity wishes. Peppermint is
to give a mentally stimulating vibration. hen growing your own
be sure to put it in a large pot and bury the entire pot. Peppermint is

ROSEMARY is most effective when used in promotion or advancement wishes.
cooler climates, rosemary can be overwintered in a pot indoors.

RUE is an excellent herb to add to your wish spell mixture because it
provides protection. It is also a spiritualizing herb that adds a
vibration to spells. A note of caution: If you are allergic to rue, it
can cause
boils on your skin when you touch it.

SAGE is good if you wish to resolve a problem. It is also a good choice
wishing spells that deal with mental clarity. Sage is a very easy herb

VERVAIN is good for making your dreams or wishes come true. Steep the
vervain, covered, in warm water for five minutes. Strain and add the
water to
your bath. The carrying or wearing of vervain places one under the
influences of the Love Goddess. Vervain is also considered a protective
that will guard the wearer from enchantments on them. This is the best
to use for general wishes.

YARROW LEAVES and flowers are often used in wishing spells that deal with

love. A word of caution here: One should not perform a love spell.
spells are known to backfire, and one should not try to control the will
another. However, the sprinkling of yarrow can increase human love.

Once you have decided which herbs you will be using and are ready to
complete your spell, you will need to measure out the correct amount of
Generally a small amount, such as a tablespoon, of each herb is
However, for talismans you may need a bit more in order to fill your
If you are using fresh herbs, be sure to dry them first--especially if
will be put into a talisman.
by Sheri Richerson,
copyright 2005


Domestic Witch said...

So glad you posted this! I need more uses for my herb garden. Now I need to go harvest