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Monday, July 13, 2009

Spirit Guides and Guradian Angels

For those of you that know me I am very in tune with my spirit guides. I have some kind of contact with them daily. They are a very comforting presence in my life. I also beleive in angelic helpers as well. Here is an intersting article I found on them. I will delve more deeply into this subject in the coming months. I am planning on doing an educational activity about this for Pagan Center, an awesome online community I belong to. www.pagancenter.com

"What are Spirit Guides?"

These are entities that are known by many names, Spirit Guides, Guides, Helpers or Spirit Helpers, Angels and Guardian Angels. They are all of these things. I have heard them called "controls" or "spirit controls". I do NOT like these names as they do not in any way try to control you. These names are usually used by phoney "mediums" or phoney "psychics" who are trying to bilk some innocent sucker out of their money.

No, they will not make your decisions for you. They feel that this is your life and that you must live in it. They will offer their opinions and advice if you ask for it, but they will NOT tell you what to do. It is your life and you must decide how to live it.

So what are they and where do they come from?

Well, they are souls or spirits that have lived many lifetimes and have gained much wisdom. They are there to help and assist you and are your friends, in fact they are the best friends that you have. They do truly love you and would NEVER do anything to harm you in any way. And even though you may not consciously know it at this time, you already know them. You picked them to help you before you were born and they agreed to be your helpers.

Now what is the difference between an angel and a Spirit Guide? Well, in the Judeao-Christian concept an angel is a spirit that has never lived a human life, rather acts as a messenger or worker of the Divine. Spirit Guides have lived many lifetimes and by doing so have gained much wisdom. And guess what? They often act as messengers or workers of the Divine. Percentage-wise, there are very few angels that have not lived physical lives.