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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pagan Prayer and Daily Devotions

I usually have my daily routine of prayers and saying grace. Every Morning Trinity and I light a candle and give thanks for the new day. (my Son Ashton is uninterested, although I still ask if he wants to participate daily.) I recently realized I have none of these written down, so I decided to do so. I then ran into the issue of finding what I would consider to be a special journal to do so. It suddenly occurred to me, that I have a wonderful journal with friendship quotes. I received it at my blessingway last year, and my YA YA's wrote wonderful things in it for me. Needless to say it is something I pull out when I need a boost. I decided to use this to write my daily prayers, devotionals, and rites in. Some from other books and some written by myself. I made a bookmark for it out of some blue ribbon and beads with a tassel. It turned out great I love it Here are some pics. The background in the pics are some chinese brush artwork that my son Ashton did.


Domestic Witch said...

That's beautiful!